Winter Dust is a post-rock/hardcore/emo band of 5 dudes from Padova, Italy, playing together since 2008. 

Winter Dust’s music consists of gloomy and structured soundscapes characterized by a mixture of hushed and explosive melodies. Names like Caspian, Moving Mountains, Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Envy and This Will Destroy You are some of the musical references and influences. The band’s rather unconventional use of the piano to create moody and refined adds greatly to the distinctiveness of their sound. 

The band released their first demo Colours of the Post-storm in 2009, followed by an EP titled Existence in 2011, which brought them to the attention of Voice of the Unheard Records (Bordeaux).

After a French tour, Winter Dust released their first LP titled Autumn Years.

Thresholds, released in late 2015, is a midway between an EP and an album, with a heavy, strong and foggy morning light on widened songs aiming to a final waking up.  The album was voted as the 15th best release of 2015 by the post-rock community.

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Label: Voice of the Unheard Records
Release Date: September 9th, 2015

Artist: Winter Dust (Italy, Padova)    
Album: Thresholds     

Winter Dust are:
Marco Vezzaro - Guitar, vocals
Marco Belloni - Piano, Strings, Synth
Marco Macchini - Drums
Marco Lezzerini - Bass
Fabio Gallato - Guitar